In the garden of paradise

Augie not

We have been almost 10 months living in our country paradise and today, clear blue winter sky and 26C temperature, was the first time I turned my mind to our garden. Until now we have just maintained what was here, and to be truthfully what is here is amazing. I have blogged in the past about our trees and our efforts to identify some of them.

Until now I have either been occupied with Petite Fille or been ill, so with the first taste of spring in the air, I felt more inclined to venture into our little patch of paradise.

We have a wild and natural garden, with towering trees, but it does lack understory and colour. Daughter2 sent us some wild flower seeds from Western Australia and though they should have been planted in late autumn or early winter, I was too ill to do so, but I am going to chance sowing them out tomorrow.

We have Red and Green Kangaroo Paw, Sturt Desert Pea, Pink and White Everlastings, Golden Everlastings, Mixed Colour Kangaroo Paw (image looks like yellow and red) and Rottnest Island Daisy.

The instructions were to soak in warm water overnight, along with “smoky water germination booster’ which is vermiculite soaked in smoky water in which some of the smoke and chemicals from the burning waste materials of the forest floor are added. Many Australian wild flowers only germinate after a fire.

If they don’t germinate and flourish, well there is always next year to try again, but it will be wonderful if a few do grow. I am trying to channel my mother and father’s green thumbs. They could grow anything and everything!

I started to prepare the bed today – I watered the area! Unlike living in the city, our front garden is more than five steps from the front door. It is almost far enough to ride a bike, except it is all down hill and I may very well continue across the road, through the neighbours and to the marsh area beyond! Then it would be a long push back up our drive!  I guess, looking on the positive, it helps to get to those magical 10,000 steps!

I also watered some of the beds up on the terrace, where the hills hoist clothes line is too. We have already sighted our resident back yard snake in recent weeks, and aware that the warmer temperatures will have him out in the sun, I pulled on my wellies to hang the towels on the line and to set the sprinkler onto the Livingstone daisies that grow over the rock wall. No snake sightings and I did four moves of the sprinkler.

Our designated orchard area is waiting some turning over and planting of fruit trees but Mr FD’s knee has not improved despite his recent surgery. They are pumping some lubricant into it shortly and if that doesn’t work it will mean a knee replacement. It will wait until we are ready, something I have learnt with maturity.

And not to forget, Augie Dog turned one this week (Thursday). He got steak for dinner! I think Son was of the opinion I should have marinated it, and thrown it on a hot grill, whereas I merely microwaved the steak for Augie. I don’t think Augie minded in the least and it must have made a welcome change from his usual dinner of dry food! After dinner, Mr FD sat Augie down and told him that he was a “big boy” now and had to behave. I wanted to put a birthday hat on Augie but after searching for one, remembered that I had thrown out all such frivolities when we moved to the country. See, you never know what you are going to need!

Yep, another day in country paradise.


6 thoughts on “In the garden of paradise

  1. Oh I hope that the seeds sprout and flourish!!!! Happy Bday to your Pup!!! and I hope you have not got more Ill days. Seems like you are living a good life. We are pretending it’s almost fall here, but in truth, it’s the dog days of summer here.


  2. Belated birthday wishes to Augie! I would have grilled the steak as Mr. FD suggested: our microwave turns everything to rubber and I hate to think some poor cow died to become an inedible piece of meat. My brother’s dog certainly seems to appreciate the extra trouble I go through to feed her and her owner.

    Kangaroo paws have recently become a popular plant in California, where many an Australian plant has taken root and flourished. Apparently, you’re supposed to grow them in a large bed to take advantage of their height and color?


    • Oh you are kinder than I! I did suggest Son grill it but he chose not to hear my suggestion!
      Kangaroo paws do look best in a mass planting of all one colour. I love the green flowered ones, but the most common are red, yellow and orange. The don’t make a great single specimen plant.


  3. That’s why my house is so cluttered – all those things that I *might* need “one day” – probably the day after they’ve been compacted in the garbo’s truck! Did Augie get a doggy cake?


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