It was just one small thing

I did one thing differently this morning and it has provided me with an entirely different perspective for my day. This morning I hooked one of those pedometers that measure steps to my belt with the idea that I would see how many steps I walk in a day, and to make some effort to reach the magical 10,000 total that seems to be promoted everywhere.

Before I even left the house I had chalked up close to 800 steps, most of that walking back and forth from rooms to recover forgotten items. On a “normal” day, without a focus on counting steps, the toing and froing would have stressed me out as I chided myself for not being organised and for wasting time. Today, I had a different focus though; my focus was on the goal of attaining the magical number.

Every time I walked from the kitchen back to bedroom to retrieve my phone, my handbag, my watch (hey, I’m sick remember, that is my excuse for the scattered possessions anyway) I just told myself “Wow, more steps!” Wasn’t I a great woman, oh yes indeed!  So by the time I was ready to walk into the garage and drive to work there was a lovely total of almost 800. By the first break at school I had almost 3,500 steps – and I work in a library!

Maybe, I will get to the 10,000 total that is my goal, today, maybe not. I have learnt a life lesson though – having a goal changes everything. It certainly turned what I constructed as a negative into a positive and lowered my stress levels instantly. It’s all about focus, perspective and reprogramming that monkey voice in our head to speak the positive on our journey to our goal.

I spent twenty dollars on my pedometer – it has repaid me far more.


13 thoughts on “It was just one small thing

  1. I had a pedometer once but I had to throw it away as I became obsessed about it. I was so determined to reach that 10,000 that if I hadn’t, I’d go up to the garage and skip at night before I went to bed to get there. Then after I was hitting the magic 10 regularly I thought to myself – hey, why not make it 15,000 and then after that when I heard my brain telling me 20,000 was the way to go I threw it away, lol. My monkey voice is slightly manic.


    • Mr FD spied my pedometer yesterday and I know he is lusting after it, but I know he will do 10 steps today and then 10,000 tomorrow and then have all sorts of aches and pains, possibly imaginary and never move from his chair again. His monket VOICES are beserkers.


    • I have one from Omron and it is the best I have seen – we have had a few cheapies in the past that we soon gave up with. I made 6,125 steps today. I didn’t go for a walk after work as it was dark when I got home, but I was surprised to make it to that total anyway!


  2. My wife will actually park her car a block away from her job so that she can collect some more steps. Hosework doesn’t seem to rack up many steps, though, so I advise you cut down on that to make time for more “steppy” activity.


  3. Yay! for pedometers and having a goal. it does put things into perspective. 2 weeks ago when they cut 4 hrs off my work hours unexpectedly (all of our hours), the secretary was moaning about living paycheck to paycheck, and I, with my crazy marathon goal, was cheering away going, “More training time!” All depends on your goals and how you look at things.


  4. Positive Mental Attitude. Amazon explorers, travelling with natives, came to a waterfall. They argued and sulked and struggled to progress up the rocky climb. The natives laughed and joked and competed with each other. Guess who got up first?


  5. I had a pedometer, and like Jane I became somewhat manic about gaining those ten thousand steps. If I noticed I was short at the end of the day, I’d go outside and run up and down the street (I knew that it was a thousand steps from my door to the corner), which convinced the neighbors I was a loon. Several years later, I forgot I’d stuffed the pedometer in my jeans pocket and threw it in the washing machine, which of course destroyed it. It may have been an unconscious desire to get rid of it, because by then I was in grad school and having a hard time getting those ten thousand steps. (Yes, I could have run up and down the halls, but I was so tired some nights I just wanted to go home and sleep.) I enjoy exercise, but not at the expense of everything else.


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