bed 2

As we know, I am a stoic, elegant Flamingo Dancer, not one to whine and complain…as I was saying, I am not one for complaining, BUT I think I am entitled to in this instance. I have come down with my third respiratory infection of the winter. Snot, sneezes, sleepless nights – the lot. Still deaf too.

And you know what? Mr FD hasn’t contracted so much as a sniffle. Of course he works from home, but I do take every opportunity to cough and splutter in his direction. So far zilch. Then again, I don’t really want to share the sick bed. He does bring the occasional cup of tea too.

Tomorrow may be another disease.


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  1. People under stress get sick. People who are under stress are often the ones with all the responsibilities and work. I don’t know if the opposite corollary is that people who aren’t stressed are irresponsible and don’t work much, but I’ve seen it demonstrated too many times in real life. Perhaps you need to ask Mr. FD (stick in hand, of course), to shoulder more of the responsibilities around the house.

    I flunked logic in college, just to warn you.


  2. so sorry!!
    i had a year like that. it was explained to me that I had been healthy for a long time because I had already built resistance to everything going around but that particular year it was all bugs I’d never had before, so i caught ALL of them.


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