family matters

Kitchen cooking 1

It was a blue sky winter’s day, one of those days when it is a sheer joy just to sit with a mug of tea in the sun. 24C and the shedding of some of the winter layers.

Daughter1, Mr Boy and Petite Fille came for lunch. I cooked a winter’s roast of lamb and vegetables, served with broccoli and zucchini to be washed down by a lovely French white wine.

meat 1

Followed by fresh berries, lemon pudding and ice cream for dessert. I haven’t eat so much in months! Yummy!

berries 1

Petite Fille sat in her little high chair and ate her pureed carrots, entertaining us with her excited “mmmm, mmmm” noises as the spoon drew close to her eager mouth. She is still being breast fed but enjoys a side of vegetables.

Afterwards we put her on a quilt that had covered her Uncle Son’s bed when he was a small child and watched her roll and play. Her Mummy tried to put her down to sleep in the cot, but the novelty of a different bedroom and a different cot was too much and she giggled rather than slept. She particularly liked the cot quilt which had also been her Uncle’s. Daughter1 enjoys the memories attached to reusing family things as much as I do.

They stayed until late afternoon before starting their trip back to the city. I am sure that Petite Fille would have been asleep before they even reached the end of our drive.

Afterwards Mr Fd commented that the day had been a fine one, and had served to remind us what a lovely family we have been blessed with.

[And yes, Daughter2, you were sorely missed. Lassie come home…]


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