leaving them home alone

bath Mr FD

Half way through the school day I opened my email to read the following email from Mr FD.

Hi FD,

Somebody (not me or you or Son) left the tap on in the ensuite which overflowed running down passed the walkin robe, turned left at our carpet which it slightly mingled with wetting it for about 6 to 9 inches. It then ran down the hallway, fortuitously not mingling much with 2nd bedroom carpet, phew! Turned left into bathroom hallway which is lower than surrounding rooms causing it to start heading back down towards the family room. This is about when we picked up the problem! Augie Dog tried to bring my attention to it but I was too thick. The next thing he was walking around the hallway making a strange click click sound. I was curious as I thought he was playing with a mouse or something. Then it dawned on me that he was paddling in water. A brief inspection revealed the problem and super Son and I set about correcting the problem (after a calming smoke,of course (Mr FD does not smoke).

Son was on the dual wet/dry vacuum cleaner (turned out to be a great buy). He emptied it twice. I concentrated on staying out of Son’s way and putting treatment down the drains and improving flow. Except for a very wet bathroom mat and some wet carpet we dodged a giant bullet!


I drove home very slowly at day’s end.

[Translation : Mr FD left the tap running and the drain in the bathroom basin clogged and the rest as above]


12 thoughts on “leaving them home alone

  1. This reminds me of the accounts I get from daughters which skip over the loss/breakage/ruin of an item and focus instead on their valiant efforts to make things right.
    Big stick time


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