Mr FD goes under the knife and FD is somewhat inconvenienced

Shopping 1

Mr FD is booked in for his knee surgery on Friday. He needs to be there by 6.30am and as we live over hour away if the traffic is good, we have decided to stay at an apartment close to the hospital on Thursday night.

Not that I am thinking I can sleep in and wave Mr FD goodbye as he heads off to hospital. Oh no, that would never occur to me, how could you suggest such a thing! I wouldn’t get away with it, would I? Would I?

Nor am I considering that I may drop him off, and head out to breakfast and maybe a spot of shopping (it is inner city) before returning to our apartment for a snooze and maybe a soak in the tub. More of a chance? Permissible?

We are booked in for the Friday night too, there is a chance Mr FD may have to stay overnight as he is slow to wake from anaesthetics and last time he had surgery (on the other knee) he had a reaction to tramal. I shall be able to be near if so (he won’t expect me to visit after dark … will he?). His previous wound also bled once we got home, and we thought it best to be close to the hospital considering our country residence now.

There is also no truth to the rumour (yes there is, lots)  that I was annoyed that Mr FD booked us into serviced apartments instead of a hotel and destroyed my dreams of room service. It really is wonderful that we have a microwave and I can eat one of our frozen dinners that I will bring along from home. Talk about lucky…


17 thoughts on “Mr FD goes under the knife and FD is somewhat inconvenienced

  1. When my husband booked for our vacation in Colorado a boxy condo with tiny windows and a wee little balcony, I was not thrilled. He kept saying we would “save loads of money” on eating out, not seeing that I, the cook, wanted a vacation as well. One day I went on strike, so he fixed lunch for himself, only to give himself food poisoning. As his wife I should have felt sorry for him…but I didn’t. 😀

    Seriously however, I hope the outcome of Mr. FD’s surgery is good. May his recovery be swift and with little pain!


    • Mr FD is recovering well, thank you. I knew we would be “house bound” and if anyone facing a long stay near the hospital it was well situated and had good amenities – even laundry facilities in our unit. I just wanted a one day holiday, but to be honest we were both in no shape to participate in that anyway!


  2. It would seem that those who don’t cook have no understanding of those who have to cook. And launder. And vacuum. And scrub.
    Best wishes for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Especially since recovering men seem to require so much attention that should rightfully be yours.


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