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Augie Dog snoozing on command

Augie Dog snoozing on command

A jovial Mr FD returned from his family reunion, and I soon put paid to any frivolity with my moaning and groaning, coughing and sniffing. He “volunteered” to hobble out to the pharmacy to purchase a new humidifier in the hope that it would assist in stopping the nose leakage and sinus headache. Good boy.

Augie Dog has been good company these last few days. He is so used to me be up for short periods and then returning to bed, that all I have to say is “Augie, go to bed and sleep” and he curls up on his blanket beside the bed. I saw a report on BBC that they are training golden retrievers to assist dementia suffers with tasks such as remembering to take medicine. I am not sure if Augie is quite that reliable, and we are yet to get him to stay or sit on command when guests arrive, but wonders never cease. He makes an excellent comfort dog either way!

Yesterday was the first time I had spoken with the general practitioner to be our new family doctor and so I had to give him a family history. It made be shiver a little telling him that both my parents have suffered with dementia, Dad with multi infarct dementia and Mum now with Alzheimer’s. It makes me feel so vulnerable, because there is no definitive reason why we suffer with it, and no real plan on treating it, or more importantly a way of avoiding it. It is such an insidious disease, robbing the sufferer of the clarity of their last years, and forcing the family to say goodbye to the spirit, or essence, of their loved one, long before their bodies give in. I guess the only avenue we have for now is to be a life long learner and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking of which – now just over 4 weeks into our new eating regime, I had shed 6kgs in weight and 6cms from my waist. No junk food at all. As much as possible I use dextrose sugar instead of regular cane sugar. I have always been a keen fruit eater but have always struggled with the vegetables so having the weekly delivery of frozen dinners means that vegetables now dominate my meals and all portions are correct. I don’t expect the rate of loss to continue but I am starting to feel as though I have made a permanent life style change – even when we cease buying the prepared meals. Yesterday was the first time I felt that my clothes were looser, and that is a good feeling. The goal is to drop 16cm from my waste, and that will be a dress size smaller.

I rock, except when I moan…


11 thoughts on “more about me

  1. Keep writing. It will keep your synapses active and Alzheimer at bay. And your fans happy. Very important.
    6 kg in 4 weeks? Whoa lady..that much goddessness is not good. Especially for readers who are munching on a Cadburys Dairy Milk as they comment.


  2. Okay … now that his family reunion is over you can quit pretending to be sick, lol.

    “They” keep saying there’s no definitive genetic link as far as dementia is concerned. But … my grandmother had it, my mother had it, my aunt (mom’s sister) had it … and my sisters are concerned.


    • LOL I was never expected to attend at they had to drive over 10 hours and needed to leave during the school week.
      I tell Mr FD that no one will ever know when his dementia sets in as we all thing he is crazy now! Both his parents were pretty clear of mind until just before their deaths in their 90s.


  3. I saw that the longer we work the longer we may be able to stave it off – though I’d rather hoped to finish working in about 10 years time. I sat next to a companion dog on one of my flights recently. It was a small bitsa proudly wearing its little companion coat. The owner told me she’d paid for its seat and she (the dog) was very well behaved for the 6 hour flight. It’s funny you mention the medication because that’s what this little dog was trained to do as well as to sniff out things the lady was allergic to.


  4. Congratulations on the great weight results!
    You can imagine my frustration at simultaneously realizing I have NO desire for fast food and that I am GAINING weight. Almost makes me feel like I should go back to eating crap. I know better… but you know how it is


    • D2 was the same trying to shed her weight – it was a very long slow slog. One thing she did was go on a protein diet for a couple of months and that seemed to jump start things – every time we looked around she was snacking on meat products!


  5. Losing weight is one way to dodge the dementia bug, I was told. The more weight you gain around the abdominal area, the more likely you are to develop dementia early.

    I wish I could train my brother’s dog to remind Dad to flush the toilet and pick up after himself, but both she and Dad are hopeless. She loves to play and thinks nothing of turning the house upside down for a little game of fetch in the living room. Dad on the other hand refuses to change. Even if I leave giant posters around the house, reminding him to take his pills and to shut off the stove once he’s made the tea, he still does it. I’d have to train the dog to cook, clean, and pick up the trash after Dad, which I think is cruelty to animals.


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