a blind paradise?


Oh dear, oh dear, oh me, how can one beautiful head produce so much mucus? Still in bed, though ventured out to the doctor today; still coughing, sore throat, streaming nose now that likes to bleed on a regular timetable. Most inelegant.

Feeling so down I decided to paint my nails. It was a good idea at that time, but trying to blow my nose without getting tissue on my wet nails proved to be tricker than I thought, if I had thought about it at all. Somehow I managed and now as I lie on bed I can spend hours admiring my nails which haven’t seen nail varnish for some time (perhaps years).

At least I can admire them until get out in better light and my teary eyes clear and I can see the poor job I have achieved and all the polish overspill onto the surrounding skin. One thing about failing eye sight is the lovely fuzzy lens that makes many things look better – a little like looking through rose coloured glasses, except nothing is rose coloured (the nail colour is EXCITE. Woowee) and the glasses prescription needs updating!


12 thoughts on “a blind paradise?

  1. Perhaps you should take a picture of your nails and post it so that we can tell you how smudged it really is?
    Hope you feel better soon.


  2. The wife and I have decided that, as the years have passed, our failing senses of sight, smell, etc, is not necssarily a bad thing.


  3. I have repeatedly insisted that I need to find a semi-blind guy as my next boyfriend… sooo much easier to just TELL him I look good rather than actually putting in effort to DO it!!


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