hitting the roof

stick Miss_Clarke_Modeling_for_Briti

A tile in the false ceiling of my office had been moved out of place by a draft and when I caught sight of the maintenance man walking through the library I mentioned my predicament to him.

“Is there a stick somewhere about?” he asked.

All eyes turned to me. Minerva, the erstwhile library assistant, burst out laughing.

“Follow me,” I said and took him into my office.

By “pure chance” there happened to be a five foot long stick leaning in the corner of my office…

Say no more.

[For those new to my blog, I keep a “stick list” of people that I will hit with a stick on the last day – be it the last day in a workplace, my last day or more likely, their last day. Revenge is sweet and it will come.]


13 thoughts on “hitting the roof

    You mean there is an actual stick? Not just figurative? So you could actually come and beat us with it if we fail to recognize your greatness? Not that that would be me, of course. 🙂


  2. “moved out of place by a draft ” : Now I am assuming that this draft had nothing to do with you. [[Someone hide that stick quick]]


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