I got the memo


Holidays are over – another school term begins. 11 weeks until the next vacation break, when I get the thrill of attending a librarian’s conference in my own time. First day back and we get the fun of having to stay until 6.30pm for “professional development” – that is an 11 hour day for me. Give me strength!


2 thoughts on “I got the memo

  1. I sympathise. Every Monday is a ten our shift for me. A secret stash of sweets and working with a kindred spirit help to make the day go faster


  2. Here’s wishing you a good term, even if returning to school and work is bittersweet at best. I always wonder why administrators think it’s fine to expect their teachers to come early/stay late for professional development without paying them extra for their time. It’s not like your salary is on the same level as a CEO’s, and you’re expected to be “on” all the time. They could at least pay for meals and other expenses.


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