Carnivore’s delight

food steak 1

For the last few days I have been craving a steak. We are not “large” meat eaters, our diet is more chicken and a little fish. The most regular “meat” dish I make would be spaghetti bolognaise. So it is not very often that I crave a steak for dinner. I suggested that Mr FD take me out for lunch, but he is hobbling more dramatically each day due to his knee so in reality going out to lunch was not an option in the foreseeable future.

So, while I was at the supermarket, I selected lovely, thick, juicy steaks which I cooked. I waited until the pan was very hot and then threw on the steaks, making sure not to overcook them to leather, which is always a plus. I even “rested” the meat before serving with some roast potatoes. I don’t know why the meat needs to rest when the cook is the one running all over the kitchen and doing all the work!

Meat and potato – delicious. Craving satisfied. Of course, being Sunday we all took a nap after lunch to digest our meal! Life is good.


9 thoughts on “Carnivore’s delight

  1. Your body probably wants the extra protein and iron, which a good steak has plenty of. My doctor has been after me to give up being a vegetarian as he thinks I’m “starving my muscles.” I agreed to add more fish to my diet, but I think he’s envisioning steaks himself.

    I do grill steaks for my father, but Dad for some reason likes everything cooked to shoe leather, which in my opinion is an insult to the poor cow that gave its life for one’s dinner.


  2. Cooking? shopping? Yaaaaaaaay FD’s back!
    Love my meat … Yeah, I know the downsides. Nothing beats the smell of cooking meat though.


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