Foodie front

Big twenty four hours on the cooking front, something I haven’t done for a few weeks! Yesterday, I made a double batch of savoury Mediterranean muffins and a dried fruit slice. I will give one batch of muffins and the slice to Daughter1 who has yet to find time to juggle baby and cooking. The other batch of muffins went into the freezer for my school lunches. Today, I made vegetable fritters, also destined for the freezer and school lunches.

It has only taken 55 years but I think I have finally got the food issue solved. My main problem is that when I am tired, such as at the end of a work day, the thought of starting to cook when I get home just seems too much and so, far too frequently I  buy take out of some sort. Not good for anyone in the family.

So, motivated by Minerva the erstwhile library assistant, I ordered in a well known brand of “lite” frozen dinners. It works out to about the same amount we were spending on food, it is nutritious, meets the criteria of my diverticulitis dos and donts, and is delivered once a week to our door – yes even in the country! Each Sunday we choose our individual menu (dinners only) and they are delivered on the following Wednesday.

Eating correctly at breakfast and lunch has never been an issue, it is just that meal at the end of the day. Mr FD has never been a cook, and if left to his own devices it would be a selection of fried meats, cheese and bread, which is fine once in awhile, but not something that is going to be served every night.

No, it is not something that we will do forever, but for now it is working for us. Despite lying in bed for two weeks and walking no further than the bathroom, I have managed to drop 3kgs in 3 weeks. Maybe the physical act of coughing is a good form of exercise too!

The ambition is to drop a dress size and 7cm from the waist, stop the need to take cholesterol and blood pressure medication, and avert any further diverticulitis complications. Oh, and live to be a healthy and happy 102 year old, with all mental faculties in tact! Well, if I don’t aim high I won’t achieve anything, will I?

It was a big food day for Petit Fille too – she sat in her high chair and tasted puréed sweet potato for the first time. Her first meal other than breast mil!. Sweet Potato 1 v High Chair 0. My granddaughter is growing up way to fast, sigh. Her father’s first sentence was “I want a fork” so we are expecting the evolution of a little gourmet!

And as no post is complete without a photo : our kookaburra friend below chose to do some fence sitting to watch Augie play in his patch. Kookaburras will actually take on snakes, so we are hoping it stays permanently. And of course, they “laugh” at Mr FD as he hobbles about the block and that is always a good joke for all of us (maybe not Mr FD).



7 thoughts on “Foodie front

  1. blargh… the “Like” button no longer works for me on posts from you or Jane. Apparently doesn’t like the Aussies.
    I was literally, just before clicking over to your page, looking at a food delivery service. I don’t think that particular one will meet my needs but my “issue” is similar to yours so I’m hoping to find some sort of fresh food delivery/pickup option.
    Good luck with the weight loss.
    I’m totally jealous about all the nature you have around you now!!


  2. We used a food delivery service for Ashley for a while and found it all a bit monotone – he needs pureed food and there really are only so many variations on a theme. My Mumstarted using them too and still does – she’s in her 70’s and Dad is on liquid feed now so cooking isn’t topmost on their list and she can taste the full variety as she has good teeth and no medical conditions. Horses for courses I suppose


    • We get a range of pastas, Asian and traditional meals to select and we change our choices every week. It’s more variety that I would normally offer during the week I have to admit.

      I think my Mum is not far off needing pureed food and thickened drinks. We are stunned at how fast her dementia has progressed.


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