not counting, okay, counting…

Capture 1560

Oh my goodness, WP has announced that I have written 1560 posts! Add to that the years spent blogging on Vox and that is an awful big dose of Flamingo Dancer! Aren’t you lucky!

To those of my 356 followers who are still breathing and in fact real, thank you for staying the distance, or joining the que, or whatever it is that followers do, in the process of following. A double thank you to those friends from the Vox days – you are an amazing bunch to say the least!

Thank you for loving me, but remember no matter how much you love me, I will always love myself more.

dont be like the rest


13 thoughts on “not counting, okay, counting…

  1. 356 followers, and to this point 1 like & this is the 2nd comment. Does make you wonder how many are actually real, doesn’t it?

    I read because I know one of these days you’re going to go nuts whacking people with your stick – and when it makes international headlines, I want to be able to say, “Hey, I know her!”


    • LOL! I wonder about “realness” when as soon as I post I get an instant like in such a short time I know they couldn’t have read, and the avatar is a very attractive woman or man. I get really annoyed the few times I have back tracked and found them just to be a business front.


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