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curious b 1926 costume.

Daughter is in the running to star in the sequel to 27 Dresses as she prepares to be bridesmaid yet again. It is a little difficult as she is on the opposite side of the country to the rest of the wedding party. Today she took delivery of her dress and has found that the side zip won’t close, and it is too big in the bust and shoulder areas, so off to have it altered, if possible.

Why does the tradition of inappropriate dresses continue in weddings? There is always one girl, usually suffering from an eating disorder who wants something slinky and barely there. Often in a bright colour that suits no one too!

Daughter is a tall and slender size 10 (AUS) so it is not like she is difficult to accommodate. As well, the brides are often very sophisticated dressers and yet, when it comes to bridesmaids dresses their dress sense seems to go out the door along with all common sense. We’ve seen it happen several times now.

Is it a plot to sabotage the maids, to ensure the bride feels good about herself on the day? Is it that those with the worst taste have the loudest voices and run over the more polite? We are speaking of women in the early thirties, not teenagers.

It is such a waste to be asked to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on dresses that no one, not even the girls who suggest them, ever wear again. It might be an accepted convention that women get forced to wear outrageous bridesmaids dresses, but what possible justification can a bride have for treating her friends in that manner?


10 thoughts on “tell me why

  1. I had few choices for my bridesmaids’ dresses. I think they were decent, but my mom was buying and she would only get them from a particular website. Haha. Thank goodness they loved me. My sister, however, had me wear a dress that was tight on the hips and very loose on my chest. And there was no time to alter it. So we’re even now. 😛


  2. We don’t have the concept of bridesmaid (but our own native idiosyncrasies, nevertheless), and whenever I attended/watched Western weddings, I always wondered why the bridesmaid dresses were so ugly and/or uncomfortable. And then I convinced myself that “ugly” and “beautiful” are a matter of taste and tradition (people not used to the Indian culture would most likely find the saree ugly), and perhaps people brought up in the Western (although technically Australia is geographically east…but you know what I mean, don’t you?) culture find them aesthetically pleasing.
    Now I am confused 🙂


    • In Australia the custom is to have1-3, maybe 4 bridesmaids but in USA they have incredible numbers. I admit that it is difficult to find one dress that suits all body shapes, but that is no excuse for shocking colours and too many frills! The most beautiful weddings I have ever seen had just one maid and hence a dress that really suited the girl and often mirrored the style of the bride’s gown. I guess it is true, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


  3. Brides can be such tyrants, they would foist their own kin into those hideous dresses. My sister asked me to be her matron of honor. Unfortunately, she chose lavender, rose pink, and brown for her colors, which was an odd combination even in the 80s. Of course, no bridal shop had a dress in such colors, so she decided to sew the dress herself. (The brown may have been forced on her, since the groom insisted on wearing a brown tuxedo. My BIL is not known for his sense of fashion.) My sister liked the pseudo-Victorian look that was in style back then: so I wore to the ceremony a frumpy lavender blue frock with a lace collar and an odd salmon-colored sash. I don’t look awful in the wedding photos, which may have been the photographer’s skill rather than the dress. But I hung the dress up in my closet when I got home, and there it stayed until I sold the house and did a massive cleanup. By that point, I had lost all sentiment.


  4. long ago, I was impressed by a coworker who paid for all her bridesmaids dresses and selected a short, cotton, white-with-flowers print. VERY re-wearable.
    I’ve only been asked to be in 1 wedding… after all the fittings, I was still up the night before the ceremony, fixing the dress. got to the wedding and the coordinator decided I would NOT be in it. then i ended up having to wash a billion dishes in the dress (don’t ask) while everyone else was partying at the honeymoon suite. what a waste of money!!


  5. You need to have a seamstress look at it form the inside to tell for sure if it can be done. Otherwise, most bridal stores have dresses on discount buy-it-now situations that you can buy for great savings.


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