not quite a meeting of the minds

eeyores gloomy place

One of our neighbours who we were yet to meet, knocked on our door, collecting for charity this afternoon. We had heard quite a bit about them, as they are academics at the local university campus in an area related to Mr FD’s profession, and were really looking forward to meeting them.

As I opened the door, she didn’t introduce herself, but commenced with “Other Neighbour said you used to work at the university.” I was tussling with an excited Augie Dog who wanted to lick his way through the screen door to greet her and so was a little taken aback. At that particular campus it was over 35 years ago for me, and about 13 years ago for Mr FD so I was surprised that was her introduction, and tried to place her somewhere in our universe.

I murmured something about needing to control the dog and dashed into the garage, hissing at MF FD to get his body out of the car where he was playing with his new sat nav and reversing camera and greet the neighbour at the front door.

Mr FD of course was only half listening and said “This has what to do with me?” and I replied something about the length of his life and so he made his way out of the garage and around to the front door.

Basic introductions over, she mentioned something about her neighbour and I informed her that her neighbour was in fact my first cousin.

Now, if I heard someone was another person’s first cousin I would not then go into overdrive to show that she knew more about the cousin than the new acquaintance did, and I would also not mention that cousin’s intimate family business, nor her mental health struggles. I had the distinct impression that  no matter what I said she would sprout more “information”, so I just let that pathway of conversation lapse, not feeling it appropriate to discuss such things with a person I had just met.

Then she proceeded to have an opposite opinion on everything Mr FD said to the point that I was wishing Augie was an attack dog and I could set him on her.

After what seemed an age, she invited us to their next “organic growers” meeting and I immediately knew that though we are believers I would not be tripping across the road anytime soon.

Later, Mr FD asked me what I had thought and I was only too ready to vent. Lucky for him, he felt the same! It was all such a disappointment though, for we had really wanted to meet her as we thought we were kindred spirits in many ways, but in reality it seems perhaps not so.

it was such a depressing end to the weekend.


5 thoughts on “not quite a meeting of the minds

  1. You should have just let Augie loose on the neighbor. She would have been licked to death, or drowned in doggie saliva, or simply knocked backwards into the mud. Which to me would have been as good as being bitten by an attack dog.


  2. so sorry!
    i had high hopes that my new neighbors, renting the BarkSlams’ place, would be great but they’ve turned out to be carbon copies… with crazy-yelling replacing the barking dogs. Very distant and un-involved, just as the BarkSlams were. Quite a disappointment.


  3. I’m sorry you’re in a gloomy place – but it but maybe this is more ‘disappointment’ than ‘depressing’? Disappointment is a river you can cross – depression is a river you can drown in. Or is Aubrey wallowing in semantics?

    Anyway, this sounds like a person to avoid or at least to be tackled in a landslide of misguided Augie Dog affection.


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