put another log on the fire


Today was one of those grey sky windy, winter days and we were all happy to stay inside with the fire burning. I have never lived with a wood burning fire before and it always seemed so romantic to have one. The house on the hill has both a wood fireplace and reverse cycle air conditioning, but we have been choosing the fireplace as our heating since the cold weather arrived.

Son chops the wood which so far has come from our own property and a generous neighbour, Mr FD stokes the fire while Augie Dog and I sit and watch the flames play before us. It all feels so perfect, but I have the sneaking suspicion that I shall be the cinders girl and that won’t be so romantic!

And to add to today’s little pleasures, fresh, sun dried, white linen sheets on our bed! And so to sleep…


16 thoughts on “put another log on the fire

  1. Lovely oldy worldy stuff. From a time before folk fussed about carbon footprints and such. I loved the bang and crack of a big lump of wood burning.
    We, by the way, have a zero carbon footprint as we remove our boots at the door.


    • LOL! I do find it a little hard to reconcile that we are burning wood and have solar power at the same time, but solar can’t be stored as the batteries are so expensive, but one day! Luckily we have such short winters in Australia. I shall return the ashes to the garden to boost the soil!


  2. Ah ! Stiflingly hot day out here today, with no signs of letting up, so the thought of fire makes the skin curl. But yeah, I know what you mean.


  3. Heh. I’m with LG, it’s too hot out here to think of a cozy warm fire. It’s also very dry and breezy out, so there is an extreme fire danger alert in our area. If we light so much as a match, the fire marshall will be on our backs in a flash. (Actually not. Last night some kid threw a firecracker on our front yard, and the police did nothing.)

    I can hear you say however, “So what does that have to do with me?” 😉 Enjoy your fireplace and your fresh-scented sheets!


    • We have very short winters here so I will no doubt be worrying about bush fires and snakes before I know it. Today was such a different day – sunshine, blue skies and no wind – our usual winter day.


  4. Its turning into summer on our side of the world. Warm, not hot with clear blue skies. Welcome weather after rain and raw weather.


  5. My Dad would have us use our little fire place all winter to save money. We burned everything. Including all our extra mismatched socks! (They are the longest burning material we’ve found yet!) He then came up with a clever way to furnace the fire with a hair dryer. He nearly melted it when he got distracted one day. XD Anywho, enjoy you’re fireplace and stick to


    • It does look inviting doesn’t it. we used to crochet afghan rugs, or granny squares to make rugs. I think I made my first one when I was about 13. I once made one large enough to cover a double sized bed and daughter1 still has it – perhaps one day Petit Fille will cuddle beneath it.


  6. Oh, the joy of the wood-burning fireplace. Of course when there’s a bit of draft or a puff of smoke gusts out the front and clouds the living room, suddenly everyone ELSE is an expert back-country fire-maker. Sure, where were you when I was on my hands and knees hyperventilating into the kindling to get the thing started?! But really, I love wood fires and we use ours constantly in winter.


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