allowing happiness to change its form

country life

I love living in the country, for where else can you walk by a café and see boxes of locally grown cabbage and pumpkin for sale for a $1? This morning I walked into the local bottle shop to buy a bottle of chardonnay and they had buckets of mandarins for sale at $2 a bucket. None of it is “picture perfect” but I know it is fresh, local and grown by locals. Good stuff.


2 thoughts on “allowing happiness to change its form

  1. At the senior center where Dad has lunch, local farmers often drop off excess produce or stuff that was rejected by the market because they weren’t pretty enough to sell to suburban shoppers (!). He’s brought home sacks of oranges, lemons, avocados, green peppers, and squash, so much that I have to beg him to stop because there’s no room in the fridge. They might look somewhat misshapen or bruised in spots, but they all taste terrific. Living in a former farming town has its privileges!


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