listen carefully, I will say this only once

woe is me

The mantra these days is to listen to your body, for our bodies will tell us what we need. Mine seems to be screaming at me that it doesn’t like me.

As I write this, my left shoulder feels as though it is slightly higher than my right, with my head going off the perfectly vertical position that nature intended to also lean slightly to the right. It is difficult to turn my head without pain and everything seems to be seizing up. Sitting at my desk hunched over a laptop endeavouring to write creative report comments for my students’ report cards hasn’t helped my spine in the least.

During home class which is a mix of students from years 10, 11 and 12, I only had a smattering of year 10s as the year 11 and 12s had been taken elsewhere for secret seniors’ business. The reduced numbers meant a fairly relaxed atmosphere as we sat and chatted, waiting for the lunch break bell to ring.

Taking my eyes off the lovely little ferals for a moment, I glanced across the room to discover one of the male students was lying on the floor with another male student in socks walking up and down his back! I commanded them to cease and desist as I imagined broken spines, irate parents and law suits. I was informed that they do it all the time after football training! Possibly true but I knew the amount of paper work I would have to fill out if someone was injured, so I ordered them not to resume under my watch. Let them be someone else’s “fill this out in triplicate and sign your life away” problem elsewhere. The student in need of spinal manipulation settled for a back massage from a fellow female student, which was as much risk as I was willing to shoulder.

The entire time though, I was wishing that someone would work on my spine! One of the down sides of living in the country is the lack of choice regarding physiotherapists or the available of a trained masseuse. If I was to drive to the city all good work would probably be undone by the time I drive the hour back home. Locally the choice is not that agreeable. I did manage that lovely massage during the Easter vacation break when I was staying in the city with Daughter1 and at this stage duplication in the upcoming holidays in 11 working days’ time might be my only opportunity; if I can stay moving until then!

So far, the only things I have really missed since our move to the country is the lack of trained masseuses and that the local pharmacy is closed from lunchtime Saturday to Monday morning. If we need medication we have to drive 7klms to the next town, or back to the city. Plenty of pluses to erase that though! The opportunity to live in paradise is worth a little sacrifice because while my body may have its own opinion, my heart and mind have not been so content for a long, long time.


7 thoughts on “listen carefully, I will say this only once

  1. You should have let the kid walk on your back!!
    I feel your pain. I’ve been kinked up for weeks… it moves about my body but the back seems to have settled in for awhile.


  2. A Japanese masseuse tried to do that walking-on-the-back move on me, and I almost shot straight off of the table. (She had this bar on the ceiling that she could grab while treading on me.) It probably would have done wonders for the kinks in my back, but the sensation of feet touching my body made me cringe.


  3. You might want to check to see if you have spondylitis. My dad has it, and he started off pretty much like how you describe it.
    I ask my kid to walk up my back now and then..or at least, I used to until she got too heavy for my bones. I can’t imagine having a 10th grader walk on anyone’s back !


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