it’s a dog’s life and wouldn’t you love to live it!

Augie like autumn

Augie Dog had a full day yesterday.

The solar electricity men came to flip some switch and he escaped the house yard and got to frolic with them and their ladder.

The parcel delivery lady delivered my latest online shopping therapy (needs, needs not wants! There’s this bridge I have to sell too…) and Augie escaped through the front door and got to chase her vehicle half way down the drive before he realised he was alone and headed back to the couch.

Then the pièce de résistance of his day (according to me, so therefore it was) was a walk after dark with Mr FD down the drive to deliver the garbage bin to the street. Of course there was a return walk back UP the drive – remember we live atop a hill!

I am not sure who was huffing the most after the last trip as Mr FD had been pulled the last part of the journey by Augie Dog tugging his leash. Both retreated to their respective favourite chairs upon return to the living room.

The washing machine repair man is scheduled to come out on today – just think of the fun for Augie Dog in that one event!


5 thoughts on “it’s a dog’s life and wouldn’t you love to live it!

  1. I can just imagine what it was like to have this large frisky dog jumping around while one is standing precariously on a ladder. Augie was lucky the solar electricity man didn’t drop a tool or two on his head!


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