it’s Australia, not Austria, too



17 thoughts on “it’s Australia, not Austria, too

  1. Dang, I can’t even make fun of the White House being on the wrong side of the country because a lot of Americans don’t know the difference between Washington State and Washington, DC [District of Columbia]… which isn’t part of any state at all… just a free-floating entity where our government is headquartered/


  2. I had this sudden vision of Sasquatches walking around the front lawn of the White House.

    Mitt Romney lives in La Jolla just outside of San Diego now, though word has it that he’s now a “consultant” for some lobbying firm in the other Washington (D.C.). My daughter pointed out his beach home to me when we visited La Jolla. It looks more like a mansion than a beach house, but what do I know, I’m just a barefoot native of the state.


  3. And do you honestly think that I, as an American, actually DO know what the devil lies next to Colorado??

    As for Australia, what about the snakes? Isn’t its desert landscape all snarled with snakes, like in the first Indiana Jones movie?


  4. I laughed until I realised that this was probably about as much as I know too.
    Oo Maine above New York (Stephen King novels)


    • I gave my yr 8 students a little task on finding out information on our capital, Canberra. Hardly any knew it was actually our capital, everyone assumes Sydney is, and then the variety of spelling variations was incredible – Canbra was the most common.


      • I was a kid in Melbourne in the 70’s and can remember tracing round a map of Australia and writing in all the capitals. Loved the fact that Victoria (where we lived) was defined by a river and had fruit orchards “up north”. Syllabus seems to have slipped a bit since then eh?


        • I remember the mapping lesson, I enjoyed marking in towns and mountains, rivers and ports. It was peaceful and almost meditative. Of course it has been little use to me as I have no sense of direction at all!


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