by the book


Copyright. Doesn’t the word just fill you with joy and enthusiasm?

Now, imagine an entire day spent listening to someone drone the Australian copyright laws at you. Hours and hours of … you can use downloaded music for the classroom but you can’t use it for a school competition, you can make a copy of an out of print book, but not if there are other editions available, all those, what I call the i before e exception to the rule, rules.

Add to that a table companion who sniffled and snuffled all through the day, and who had the temerity to exhale her hot germy breath all over me so that within the prescribed 72 hours I had a sore throat and runny nose to the point that I couldn’t spend time with my grand daughter this weekend (Petit Fille is 12 weeks today!)

So, the very next time someone says to me, “It must be wonderful to be a librarian and have all those books to read!” as though I sit in my office with my feet on my desk reading every volume in the collection all day, every day, I may just move those feet off the desk top and land them where the sun don’t shine.


8 thoughts on “by the book

  1. Sounds like a fascinating day, and Boo to the person who decided it was appropriate to sit so close to you and make you ill.

    I do think it’s great to be a librarian, but not because you can sit back and read books! My best job ever was in a rare books library. I loved having full access to the stacks…because I am sure I saw things as I was replacing materials that no one had seen in years. It was pretty neat. But admittedly…I probably shouldn’t have been browsing either.


    • I am yet to see any staff member in a library spend time in the stacks and not come out with an armful to read! It is a joy and a privilege to have my job – I get to live my passion.


  2. Hello.. I have spent most of my life around protected artistic properties… if expense or time are in the way of Govt… your work can be secured in ownership and credit with a ‘poor man’s copyright’.. this is a process where you document hard copy.. (or a disc.. w a backup is smart).. as for the rest of it.. civil service apparently does the best they can.. :-).. Peace Tony


    • Australia, like a lot of countries has copyright laws way behind the new technologies and so it is very confusing. We can get by on the educational classroom usage exceptions but once things go to the internet it gets very murky.


      • Hello,, Understood.. still those old ways have the ‘proof in the pudding’..
        The duplicity that causes such murky.. hard to see places.. has nothing to do with the simple truth..
        I reckon each of us decides how we respect another in their efforts and work.. your blog is one proof.. if someone steals.. or sells something of yours.. sans permission.. they are ‘in the barrel’ so to speak..
        I say. I will write.. and compose.. another’s insanity aint my bummer.. :-).. keep writing.. Peace Tony


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