better than the sound of silence


Young colleague who is hearing impaired (challenged is perhaps the better term, hearing challenged) has just received new hearing aids. After they were fitted she went to the bathroom. While in there she heard a noise and became very concerned that there was a leaking pipe somewhere, or rather a gushing pipe.

Slowly the realisation dawned that it was the sound of her own urinating!

On the trip home with her partner she was describing how different everything sounded, including his voice when she heard a noise which she thought signalled car problems.

“It is just the air conditioning” he replied.

“Well, I don’t like it!” she declared.

We don’t realise how much we “blank” out of our everyday life do we?


9 thoughts on “better than the sound of silence

  1. I’m thinking she’s about to find everyone Very Annoying for the next few weeks, as they clear their throats, gurgle, swallow, and rustle their clothing.
    I hope the thing allows her to adjust it somewhat, before she starts to hate all of you.


  2. The audiologist suggested we get a new hearing aid for my father, but I think he enjoys not being able to hear me nag him about picking up his wadded-up tissues and wiping up his spilled coffee from the floor. Also, when our neighbors throw a late-night noisy party, he doesn’t hear them at all and sleeps like a baby while I’m picking up the phone to call the police.

    Still, I worry about him not being able to hear an oncoming car when he’s crossing the street or being able to pull over when an emergency vehicle is blasting its siren. It’s surprising how much we rely on audio cues to stay safe.


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