other duties as required

Teacher 1
Parent teacher interviews today. They started at lunch time and concluded at 8pm. Parents were allotted 10 minutes until a bell rang; the usual speed dating process!

I had only one appointment- the very first time slot. It was with the mother of a student that I taught last term, and no longer teach as it was a term unit, so I didn’t have much to discuss. I gave a chapter of my life story, that hurried them on their way.

After that I was on door duty, or meet and greet, as the parents arrived. We were also expected to keep an eye out for irate parents or uncomfortable situations at which we were somehow to magically intervene. I don’t know what a genteel person such was I was expected what to do, and I had not packed the stick, so all I could promise was to bite people on the knee caps. As many of our parents are large Samoans and Maoris, I don’t think I would have got further than a knee cap, stick or no stick!

Home now and tucked in bed – yes, exhausted from being nice. Lordy, the things a person has to do…


One thought on “other duties as required

  1. (not so) happy memories of PT nights. The ones you wanted to see never came. Then there were the ones who couldn’t imagine their little angel was in fact Lucifer Incarnate. And then the middle of the road dullards who thought the sun shone out of their backsides and who you struggled to remember. Don’t miss them one bit.


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