how green is my drive

Car 1

I have a new car. Same make as my previous car except this is a hybrid; so the same but different.

It has a graphic display that shows when the petrol is being used and when the battery is being used, or when the power is going into the battery. Then it has another area that glows blue if I drive uneconomically but green if I am using the hybrid compnents well. It can be quite a distraction and I am sure that if one is too much of a perfectionist or a little OCD then it might just drive you mad. For now I consider it a novelty and hope that the novelty wears off soon.

One thing that really gets me is that I receive a rating on my driving at the end of my journey. A display of flowers – varying numbers and with a varying number of leaves appears to score my “green” journey. I am already competing with myself to get a perfect “garden”!

I was feeling guilty about my carbon footprint due to my long journey to work every day and I thought a hybrid car would held ease that but now I think I have just added another stress to my life – how green is my journey!


9 thoughts on “how green is my drive

  1. Well, look at it this way. Some say we’re actually going into a cooling cycle, which means that we’ll need those gases to warm things up. It’s sometimes hard to know which way the wind is blowing.


  2. I love it.
    You could always revert to your State Carriage (the one ER borrows for coronations and such) then you’d have an invisible carbon footprint.


  3. Safety advocates in this country are just now asking automobile manufacturers to tone down the distracting screens and such in new cars. I mean … if a cell phone is distracting …


  4. I drive a hybrid! The little bars and gardens do eventually wear off as a novelty. But I do think I drive more carefully with the screens. Mine does not grow a garden or anything special, it does give me a graphic representation every 5 minutes of my driving….I think it is far less distracting than the phone, but the first month I had the car, it was somewhat of an obsession…COngrats I hope you enjoy your hybrid as much as I do mine!


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