and another one bites the dust


Well, that was the week that was. Saturday was the day mother in law passed on. Sunday the offically opening and naming of our library took place, a year after we actually started using the library!

Being a catholic school “opening” meant the bishop cam along and blessed the building and all those who sailedwork in it. A mass was held outside the building. It was all very pious until the bishop was giving his sermon and a loud male voice rang out “hohohhohhohohohoh”. It was hard to tell if it was a laugh or a cry, but everyone pretended not to notice. A few minutes later another hohohohohohoho rang out.

Next day at the staff meeting all was explained. An elderly man in the community suffers from dementia and every so often he lets go a hohohhhoho. His other party trip is when he goes to communion he pats the priest on the head. Apparantly on our day he took communion from the Bishop and yes, he patted the bishop on the top of his balding head.

Aren’t those the moments to remember, though?


4 thoughts on “and another one bites the dust

  1. I’m sure even the bishop needs a little pat on the head once in awhile, lol. My mother was usually well-behaved in church, but on occasion she’d forget where she was and loudly announce during the service, “I need to use the potty!” My father would furiously hustle her to the women’s room and leave her there, which upset her. She wanted someone to wait for her and bring her back to her pew, as she could never remember where she’d been sitting. So she would walk back into the church and yell out, “DADDY! Where are you!” Surprisingly, the priest took it all in step and never stopped talking. But of course, the man can’t ever stop talking once he starts….


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