I think it was a Tuesday that the humiliation was complete

It has been a full day in Babytown. Son in law is away again this week so crawled back into the city to keep Petit Fille company. Grandma is a little slow and low but she seems to understand. I told her tonight that I won’t dance at her wedding as I shall be too old by then and her smile told me that she thought Granny was rather silly as she had a world to conquer first. Smart girl.

Woke not to baby noises but the clash of the garbage truck in the next street street this morning and the realisation that we had forgotten to put the bins on the footpath. Daughter1 yelled at me that my car was in the driveway and we couldn’t pull the bins through the narrow gateway, so panic stations. I yelled to her to stand on the footpath with baby in arms and look pathetic, because what man would drive by such a pathetic appeal, while I found my keys, and moved my car.

It had rained overnight and my Honda civic doesn’t have a rear wiper so I couldn’t see out of the window but somehow managed to miss D1 and baby. D1 pulled the bin to the curb and all was well, except for FD driving up and down the street trying to navigate around garbage truck and find a curb side park. At this stage I also realised that I was wearing green cotton stripe pyjamas and my hair hadn’t been combed after a restless night.

What particularly brought this to mind was the fact that as I alighted from the car one of the neighbours came out to reclaim his bin. As he was clad in running Lycra I decided he looked sillier than I, so assumed all the grace I could as I walked into the house.

As I slipped my shoes off at the door, I realised I was wearing two different shoes.

The fickle finger of humiliation was not done with me either, for later in the day I was showing Petit Fille the delights of the foyer and singing nursery songs to her when I heard the dog across the street howling. I stopped singing to listen and after two or three more howls it fell silent. I commenced my singing again and the dog howling started again. I stopped singing, the dog howled a moment or two longer and fell silent. I was sensing an unwelcome pattern. I sang again, the dog howled. Stop. Silence. Start. Howling. Some dogs need muzzling.



5 thoughts on “I think it was a Tuesday that the humiliation was complete

  1. Back when I was seeing C, I woke (around 4am) and yelled “STREET SWEEPER… WHERE DID YOU PARK?!?” And he ran out of the house, trying to avoid a ticket. Somehow the cop didn’t buy his “I was just about to move it” statement… maybe because he was in nothing but cotton boxers and didn’t even have keys with him!


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