Dolce Far Niente maternal style

beauty 1940s beauty treatments by Helena Rubenstein

This week Son in law was on a business trip and so I drove to the city to stay with Daughter1 and Petit Fille (I know, I have martyr written all over me… or maybe that is just baby spit). Yesterday I arranged for inhome massages for D1 and I to combat some of the neck and back aches we were suffering from walking the floor with a colicy baby.

It was bliss.

I was a little worried when the therapist arrived without her massage oils but luckily D1 had some lavender oil and so we were away. One hour of sheer relaxation. D1 had her treatment first while I played with Petit Fille and then it was my turn…ahhhhh

Somehow The Big Whatever even arranged a rain storm while I was relaxing so I had bingie bongie relaxation music (my term, not an actual genre of music, but I think you all understand they type of music I mean), rain on a tin roof and a great massage that amounted to an hour of sheer bliss.

Afterwards Petit Fille had a long sleep (for her). We weren’t sure if she was overcome by the lavender fumes or her reflux medication had clicked in, but either way we were grateful. Smiles all around.

I would suggest as a gift for any new Mum and Grandma – inhouse massages; just remember to have someone there to hold the baby!

[Therapist said she would arrange a refund for the cost of the oil – we shall see]


7 thoughts on “Dolce Far Niente maternal style

  1. I’ll have to remember this when the grandbaby arrives. My older daughter however isn’t keen on having strangers touch her, so I may have to use the entire hour of the masseuse’s time. The sacrifices I have made for my children….


    • I was once like your daughter – I was even given a certificate for a massage as a birthday gift and never used it! Then I incurred a back injury and needed physiotherapy and learnt how great a massage can be. Now I am addicted!
      If daughter doesn’t like strangers touching her, just be mindful of PTSD in the days after the birth as the birthing process can result in an episode of delayed stress for them. D1 has fear of needles and hospitals and her first week was touched by PTSD, not postnatal depression as would be expected. All good now.


      • I didn’t know this. I’ll keep it in mind after she has the baby. I had severe postpartum depression after she was born, and unfortunately, my OBG and family didn’t notice it. It made it hard to enjoy being a new mother, though I do think that also had something to do with it: I felt terribly inadequate and all alone in looking after my daughter. Also, my mother was no help, as she seemed to enjoy telling me what an awful mother I was.

        So I plan on being very compassionate towards my daughter, and even my son-in-law. Unless it’s positive, I will keep my comments to myself. I wonder however if she might like a foot massage. That was my first introduction to massage, and it was wonderful. I had no problems graduating on to back and body massages.


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