Dream time

I was taking tea with the Queen- she does the show pony stuff while I get on with the real work of being a goddess. Sadly she was wearing a slightly grubby dressing gown and she showed me her rather manly hairy legs. She stated imperiously that she had not shaved them since 1947.

i always assumed she had people to do that – shave legs, brush teeth etc. I can only assume it is a lifestyle choice…


2 thoughts on “Dream time

  1. Oh good god, the image now pinned in my head of an older woman in a grubby robe with hairy man legs is almost too much to bear. It’s almost as bad as the time I saw this young woman wearing black tights with long, bristly blonde hairs poking through the mesh. It made me want to floss my brain or soak it in a pail of hot water and bleach.


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