Baby talk

I went with new Mummy, Daughter1 and Petit Fille to the health nurse today. I may have been along for the ride and to carry the luggage but why in heavens name did the health nurse assume I was one foot onto the path to senility? This was before I opened my mouth, so why did she make the presumption? Nurse was about my age or a little older and she spoke with a condescending tone to both D1 and I as if we were simpletons! Heavens we have five tertiary degrees between the two of us!

I know there was an element of calming the new mother but the nurse was so intent on her spiel and handing out her leaflets that she allowed little opportunity for real conversation.

Habitually I hear the aged care staff speak to my mother and MIL in the same tone. Mum I can excuse because she has dementia and requires simple language and a slower pace, but MIL though she is 90 is very with it and a very intelligent woman. I dread the thought that someone will assume that I need to be spoken to in such a manner, but I didn’t think it would be the minute I became a grandmother!

My birthday is next Monday and if anyone gives me floral slippers or a knee rug… Well, they had just better stay out of stick reach!


4 thoughts on “Baby talk

  1. We had a consultant like that. Spoke directly to Gill and all my questions were just batted away. At one point I said to Gill “shall I go and sit in the car – she’s ignoring me” both her registrars cringed but she carried on regardless!


  2. I was at the blood center giving a donation one time when an older lady (60-ish, probably) came in to donate, and I was so embarrassed for the technician who was taking her blood. She kept calling the lady “sweetie” and telling her how “cute” she was.

    She didn’t treat anyone else that way, so she wasn’t one of those people who (inappropriately) call everyone sweetie.


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