Demons and leprachauns at play…

What evil force comes in to play when you spend hours settling a colicky baby and she has finally fallen asleep in your arms, to have your stomach emit the growl of a thousand starving lions, to awaken her? 


10 thoughts on “Demons and leprachauns at play…

    • My stomach has always had the remarkable ability to made itself heard and the worst moments. In university it used to growl all through the 8am lecture much to the amusement of all around me.


  1. Goodness, Grandmama is neglecting her own needs in order to look after the baby. Don’t forget, you need to eat yourself. Surely you can rock the baby on one arm while fixing yourself a sandwich with the other.

    (I got rather good at the skill myself, though it’s not a good idea to handle a knife while juggling a baby. Peanut butter sandwiches and cheese sliced with a wire cheese cutter became my staples when my children were small. :D)


    • Son in law made fettuccine carbonara and I managed to eat it with my left hand while juggling baby on my right shoulder. I got almost to the end before a piece fell from my fork and just made it onto her wrap.


  2. Cookies. One hand to mouth system to avoid future disturbances. Glad to see Granny has still got the touch with the wee lass though….


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