and it’s only Monday…


I thought I was handling this Monday morning okay until well into my day I went to the ladies and found a plastic clothes peg attached to my undies. I hadn’t sensed the peg there at all until my hand actually brushed against it.

Even goddesses have their off days.


[no granny jokes if you value your existence]


6 thoughts on “and it’s only Monday…

  1. At least it was hidden. In a swish restaurant I walked all the way to the toilet and back again with a serviette tucked neatly into my skirt band. I was mortified when a stranger at the table next to us pointed it out. It looked like some little French maid apron….


  2. Really, you were lucky the peg was under your clothes. Last weekend I was standing in line to use the women’s room, when I noticed the otherwise dignified lady in front of me had a largish brown stain on the rear of her white skirt. I’m guessing she’d sat on spilled coffee, but it looked like it could have been something associated with a toilet mishap. I hemmed and hawed as I thought of whether I should alert her about the stain, when another woman, apparently a friend, screamed, “MILLIE! O MY GOD, YOUR SKIRT!”

    I thought that was a lot worse than a stranger whispering in her ear that she should check the back of her skirt, particularly as there were at least 6 other women in the small, echo-y restroom. The next time I saw her, she was wearing a raincoat and looking very red-faced.


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