you love me, you love me more…

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Hello, Beautiful Common People!

MIL made it through the operation and is still on this side of the white light. Tough old bird, my mother in law.

Happy International Women’s Day – the one day of the year that I allow other women to feel like a goddess. Enjoy it.

Been too busy to worry about politic watching. Quality of my life has improved. Hallelujah.

Off to spend quality time with Petit Fille tomorrow. Ok, ok, I am a push over for that little girl, but what Grandma isn’t? Don’t take it as a sign of weakness though, the stick hand is still strong.

Two straight days of sunshine! Luxury!

birthday drink

Three weeks until Easter holidays. Two weeks of vacation! Hallelujah. Hallelujah. I am going to bake and garden and sleep and visit Petit Fille, and eat lots of chocolate.

I wonder if employers ever understand what trouble they cause when they hire an outsider over an insider. The poor outsider enters the organisation completely innocent of the back drama and is thrown to the wolves like an unsuspecting lamb. Has happened to a colleague who started the same time as I did and twelve months later she is still dealing with the fall out and she shouldn’t have too. Luckily I replaced an insider that everyone detested!

In my next life, and yes there will be one, I am going to be even more beautiful, brilliant, witty and wonderful. Hard to believe that could be possible, considering how perfect I am, but I will achieve it. I have preordered a life on a grand scale. I shall not to be denied. I think the Big Whatever owes me.

I have a student who is a self harmer. Her arms are full of scars and she has only just returned to school after a long absence. She is in grade 11 and she has a couple of spare classes so they have attached her to my year 8 class in the library. She studies while I teach the younger class. In the beginning she would just lie with her head on the desk, but gradually she started to listen to what I was teaching my class and then she commenced her own studies. Now she comes to me out of class to ask for help with her studies. It is a gift to watch her reclaim her life.

Through the open window I can hear the train climbing the hill – I think I can, I think I can…and then it disappears into the distance. It has become such a familiar background that we all miss it when the trains are stopped during the flooding. It almost becomes a comfort sound in the night. How surprising.

Sleep tight. You can worhsip me on the morrow.


5 thoughts on “you love me, you love me more…

  1. 1. Glad you MIL is doing fine.

    2. My wife thinks every day is Women’s Day …

    3. I know that my employer doesn’t care whether they cause turmoil or not … they NEVER promote from within.


  2. People wonder why one goes into teaching when the pay is so dreadful and the job involves putting up with so much grief. Your experience with the girl who cut herself is the explanation. Not many jobs have such a huge impact on children’s lives.

    Your poor mother-in-law—I hope she recovers and is able to resume her daily activities, even if they were small to begin with. Surgery is fine as long as it adds to your quality of life, not so much when you end up spending the rest of your life in a hospital bed.


  3. Dearest BBWW, it is good to hear of the strength of your mother-in-law; I wish her well. I think your student is being healed by the glow of your godess-ness, your divine presence can be taken in, but slowly, slowly!


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