A weekend with our baby girl! A few feeding and sleep issues (too much feeding, no sleep) so Grandma FD to the rescue. Very onerous task, sitting in a comfy chair soothing baby so her poor parents can get some sleep and regain their sanity. Oh the sacrifices I make!

So a weekend in the city and it is pouring with rain- more flooding for sure. I expect I won’t make it home to The Village tomorrow if this rain doesn’t cease now. I packed a couple work outfits because I may be able to make it to school from the city side. It would be terrible if I was forced to spend more more time with Petit Fille, who is now exactly a week old! I know she will be asking to borrow my car next!

May I heartily recommend grand parenthood to all. Babies are so much better the second time around, as you have already learnt all the tricks and what matters and what doesn’t. I may do this grandparent thing again, oh that’s right it is not up to me!

Well, a good reason to live in the moment then!


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  1. Oh Congratulations FD! That is one lucky little girl, to have you, the FD as her Grandmother! Glad you are enjoying and glad you are able to be there to help out! Every new Mom should be as lucky to have a supportive Grandmother nearby!


  2. Oh dear, maybe the roads will flood and you’ll have to spend a whole week with that beautiful baby. 😉

    I can imagine your joy. That little girl is very lucky to have a goddess for her Grandmama.


  3. Being a grandmother is the best thing ever. I have four granddaughters and two grandsons and each brings a special joy into my life.


  4. You’re probably much more relaxed as a grandparent than as a parent – you know most things are not as serious as they first seem – it is not the end of the world if the nappy pins are not in snug enough….


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