love, it’s entirely debatable

Wenda Parkinson at the RacesThis is how Valentine’s Day  darkens relationships.

It starts in high school, where every year some bright spark thinks selling roses, chocolates and balloons will raise some money for a cause. Great motivation certainly, but the few girls who receive the gifts walk around with their loot all day; which leads us to the girls who don’t receive anything. There are those that buy something for themselves, or BFFs who gift each other, but more go home at the end of the day with nothing and so feeling less. Less and rejected. Who needs that at 14 or 16 or 60 even?

Then there is that one male who goes all out to impress his loved one in your workplace. Roses that cost more than the current national debt get delivered and every other woman then thinks about the non effort of her husband. Not that most of them made any effort for their husbands either, but apparently that is swept aside in the Valentine’s Day stakes.  No, the male is the endangered species.

Minerva, the erstwhile Library assistant, was the actual recipient this year (and last). Her partner of 25 years personally delivered several dozen long stemmed roses today. Every available female followed him to gush and sigh over the flowers. They are beautiful, and have the most delightful perfume.

Female staff were posing with the flowers to send photographs to their husbands with the text message “Thank you, darling. The flowers are gorgeous!” I think that is called stirring the pot…

 I am just now sure of his ulterior motive though, as Minerva has a severe allergy to flowers. Her lips tingle and swell, and she was already sniffling and blowing her nose over some blooms outside earlier. Oh yes, that might have been the rose petals he left in a heart shape on the kitchen bench before he went to work this morning. So knowing this, he also brings the flowers to work, ensuring that she has to drive home with them in her small car after work.

He loves her, he loves her not?

flowers Suzy, Paris 1953 2

[Valentine’s Day in the Flamingo Nest? As I opened the connecting door to the garage this morning I yelled down the hall “Happy Valentine’s Day!” I heard a muffled reply from Mr FD in our bedroom, “Yes, Happy Valentine’s Day!”  I won’t tell him I was calling back to Augie Dog…]


16 thoughts on “love, it’s entirely debatable

  1. I sent a little love note in my daughter’s lunch bag and it seemed she got teased by her classmates (only the boys, nasty things) so she ended up crying. Sigh !


  2. I once bought a present for my wife, only to be confronted by another guy in the neighborhood: you obviously didn’t get the memo about not getting jewelry for the wives today…


  3. My younger daughter told me that in Japan, it’s the girls who give chocolate to the boys. The boys don’t do anything, unless the couple is officially “going steady,” and then she might get roses or candy. Japanese men are not known for being romantic.

    I wonder if Minerva ever told her husband she’s allergic to flowers, preferably with a stick in her hand.


  4. intriguing!!
    we had a woman who got 2 doz long stem red roses, a dozen foil balloons, and a large gift basket of all Godiva chocolates. I explained that while women will stop and ooooh, we are all secretly calling her a bitch due to our jealousy. (which isn’t true at all in this case, she’s super nice. and her return present to her fiance is that she’s surprising him in Boston tomorrow)


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