Even Norman Rockwell has moved on with the times.

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Whooo, I feel better now.

I was cranky earlier today, especially around lunch time when other people’s clutter in the library was making it impossible to function and Minerva kept complaining about it, but it has its own timeline and we just have to wait for it all to play out and then disappear. Then there was the teacher who crossed me by leaving a stack of folders in one of the public rooms when we told her she couldn’t  and that really ANNOYED me, and she is person uno at the moment on the stick list (GOM, you are so far down the  stick list now that you are practically off the list).

Then I walked in the door at home and picked on Mr FD for the first  10 minutes I was home, and I felt much better after that.

I put it all down to lack of chocolate (and I told Mr FD that he had better produce some tomorrow if he doesn’t want to be traded away; and it has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day which is just a silly commercial enterprise to make a lot of women unhappy, but because Mr FD has the time to go to the stores) and the fact that my grandchild to be has yet to make an appearance, not that she is due until Saturday, but I am always early for all my appointments and so should she (obviously she takes after her mother, Daughter1 who is always late, though she was early for her own birth!)

It was Ash Wednesday today and class teachers had to put the ashes on the foreheads of all the students. As a form teacher, despite being somewhat a lapsed Catholic I did the job and ashed all my class and a few other students who couldn’t get through the seated crowd to get to their class teacher. I was quite into the swing of it by the end, and it soon became obvious that I am called to a higher post, and so, yes, as you no doubt expected, I am going to offer myself as the next Pope.

Pope Flamingo Dancer, has quite the ring to it don’t you think ( the papal ring, hahahaha) ? I am a Goddess, so yes, Pope is a bit of a step down, but one must do ones bit for the common people. I will allow women to be priests, I will allow all male priests to marry, and I will allow all women, especially those in poor countries to use contraception. I shall encourage contraception. And then on the second day…

Don’t you just love the way The Pope formerly known as Benedict turfed a group of cloistered nuns out of their convent to take over their pad? Last papal decree indeed.

And just because I am feeling eclectic tonight… Yesterday I passed some old men sitting on benches outside the Village post office. When I was a small child there used to be an outdoor set of draughts for locals to play, but they have long sense disappeared, no doubt stolen along with our respect, gratitude and enjoyment for such things; but that is a rant for another day.

So I was driving to work and the old men were sitting gossiping on the bench under the trees. I was filled with warm and fuzzy memories and felt like I was living a Norman Rockwell moment.

This morning I drove by and only one old man was sitting on the bench. He was chatting on his mobile phone. Even Norman Rockwell has moved with the times.


9 thoughts on “Even Norman Rockwell has moved on with the times.

  1. I could tell you a few things that might put GOM back at the top of your stick list again.
    It’s not natural that he should be deleted. 🙂

    Go Pope…surrounding himself by nuns for the remainder of his days.


  2. If I was a cardinal, I would nominate you Pope. Or Papess? You are too good for the position anyway. The only women the Roman Catholic Church acknowledges are the Virgin Mary, a woman who gave birth to a child without the benefit of sexual intercourse; nuns, who ostensibly are married to Jesus (but: see under Virgin Mary); and the other Mary, Magdalene, a bad girl who repents and ends up washing the feet of Christ. There are of course the saints and the women of the Old Testament, but the latter were Jewish and the former not quite divine. Bah, the more I think about it, the less esteemed the office is.


  3. you didn’t throw the folders away? we have a shared sink here at the office. if people leave their dirty dishes in it, blocking others from being able to wash dishes without encountering their mess, i either throw them in the trash or fill them with water and put them in the overhead cupboard. yes, true story. DON’T LEAVE YOUR FILTH IN A SHARED SPACE.

    That can be your 2nd papal command.


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