once was lost, but now fly free

book hoarder

That was me until a few months ago. I have learnt that just have like all sentimental clutter that the memories are in my head and not in the item. The joy of reading is not retained in the physical book, it is in my head, my imagination. So I no longer greedily hoard my books, except for a very few, I now set them free. I donate to charity book fairs, or give to friends, and it makes me feel so happy to know that someone else might have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful book.

Let’s be honest, how many of us reread our books? Set them free.


book collecting


5 thoughts on “once was lost, but now fly free

  1. So true! But I have a number of books that are no longer in publication. When I’ve seen them on eBay or other used-book seller sites, they’re offered for what seems to me ridiculous prices. So I’ll hang on to those. The Harry Potter books, however, can go on to make someone else happy.


  2. Good point FD. I hesitantly bought a cheap eReader last year thinking that it could never replace a ‘real’ book. Wrong. I just love it and as soon as I’ve read a book I delete it unless it’s something really special. The only books I keep are my old encyclopaedia and technical reference books with beautiful photographs of plants in them.


  3. In the last year I have bought far fewer books and read more from the library….. but of those I ‘own’ I keep very few indeed. Only those I think someone may like or daughter may read…and I am in a book swap program too….. A move always made me get rid of a lot of books….. but we’ve now been in this house 9 years – longest ever…..may need to do a ‘spring clen’ and be ruthless….


  4. I set a good 99.9% of my books free.
    But tell me, what do you do with a book that you thought was REALLY BAD? I can’t seem to bring myself to pass those along – I feel a duty to stop their spread. But I also feel wrong dropping them into the recycling bin.

    I have one book that was horrible but, as individual pages, would be really funny/bizarre. I want to use it for a crafting project… but what?


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