breathe in, breathe out; I’ll give a bit of breathe in, breathe out all right with a serving of stick on the side

Stick list 2

I’m sorry I try to be nice, I really do, but today I just wanted to beat people to death with my stick. I am tired of hearing people tell students how great they are when they are little buggers and will never learn to lift their behaviour because we are always telling them how great the are.

I also wanted to beat people for their inconsiderate and selfish behaviour towards other people. I wanted to beat them for being lazy and for how when you give them an inch they take the entire continent.

I wanted to beat my students because they are lazy and expect an instant free ride and for someone else to do the work for them. I wanted to beat them because they are always negative and I told them that it is easy to be negative and that being negative is cheap entertainment and if we all did that no one would ever get out of bed and then where we would all be?

I wanted to  beat management with my stick because they won’t give up on an unworkable idea that is both insulting and just plain stupid and will cause me both inconvenience and an increased workload until they realise that no one is going to take up the stupid idea they are wasting time on when there are more important things to fix like the behaviour of kids who think they are perfect when they are really little lazy spawn.

stick long end

And I wanted to hit the Big Whatever because it is only Monday and it was a shit Monday and I have to go back and do Tuesday and why can’t some old dusty relative somewhere cark it and leave me like a gizzillion dollars so I could just sit in my House on the Hill and buy my groceries online and never go out into the nasty world unless I chose, and then only very occasionally.

I swear, just stay out of my way, or you will be seeing some stick action.

Stick list 1


13 thoughts on “breathe in, breathe out; I’ll give a bit of breathe in, breathe out all right with a serving of stick on the side

  1. When you are done with your stick, please pass it along to me. This old woman scratched my car as she was backing out of her parking spot next to mine. I thought she would stop and get out of her car, but she kept going and drove away. It’s just her white paint on my green, but the incident plus waiting in line at the cable company to return their stupid modem gave me a headache for the rest of the day. Yes, I realize the poor old thing may have had dementia herself, but someone needs to take her out before she kills someone.


    • I detest old people who think that if they drive at walking speed they will be okay to drive to the day they die. An old man ran a young mother down in a car park, and amputated her leg… too late to say sorry then.


  2. After everyone else is done wielding it, could you please pass the stick – baton-style – to me? I would like to place it on my desk. Waiting. Intimidating.

    Oh, and the olive-green stick-wielding suit, when your finished with it?


    • There is great responsibility that goes with the stick, and one must use it in the pursuit of revenge, pure sweet revenge. The olive green suit, that old thing? Just something lying in the back of my closet.


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