baby girl

I drove into the city. We moved to the country in late October and already I wonder how I survived living there for the 10 years we did. Saturday morning traffic jams, aggressive Lycra clad men on bicycles and people everywhere. Country Flamingo Dancer wanted to hurry back to her rural retreat immediately!

The only reason I continued on was that Daughter1, just a week away from her due date, has developed raised blood pressure and has been ordered to rest, so mother dearest (I can be nice to my children when I absolutely must) made the supreme sacrifice and went city side to help out for the day.

I got to wash lots of little baby clothes. They are using cloth nappies and of course they are nothing like the terry towelling squares that we folded into a kit style nappy. Today the nappies (diapers) look like disposals in that they had elasticised legs with clips. One nappy they showed me had multiple rows of clips to adjust as they baby grows. Engineering has come to baby world! I warned them that if they every come home and find baby wearing a tea towel it will be because Grandma Flamingo Dancer was defeated by the technology!

I was more in my comfort zone making muffins. I baked cherry muffins and hummingbird muffins for Mr Boy’s work lunches (son in law). I love baking muffins and for these I used daughter’s recipe so there was an element of trying something new, but I was all fingers and thumbs cooking in someone else’s kitchen. By the time I made two batches of muffins and a spinach frittata  for lunch I was feeling more comfortable. But it is odd cooking in another person’s kitchen as it is organised according to their life style and logic, isn’t it?

One of daughter’s neighbours noticed me hanging baby clothes on the clothes line and asked me if the baby had arrived. I explained the situation and we made small talk for a few minutes. Daughter had overheard us speaking and said that was a longer conversation that she had shared with neighbour in the three years she had lived there! Nothing like a baby to bond neighbours!

The two houses are very close together and neighbour’s two young children seem to cry night and day, and have kept Daughter1 and Mr Boy awake on many nights, so they are looking forward to the revenge of having their baby keep the neighbours awake. Yes, she is my daughter and I trained her well.


Life really is a cycle. It only seems a little while ago I was washing baby clothes for Daughter1’s birth, now I am preparing them for her daughter. I developed severe blood pressure and spent the last month of my pregnancy in hospital. I had to lie on my left side the entire time, and I was only allowed to sit up to eat my salt free food or to shower. I seemed to have a blood test almost every day.  Then her birth ended in an emergency caesarean section as the cord had become twisted around her neck and she was in distress. I have never done anything by halves and if there is an exception to the rule, just call it Flamingo Dancer! Hopefully, Daughter will be spared any and all dramas.

Since moving to the country I have become a dog person easily manipulated by her pet, and now I am about to be a grandmother, the best grandmother that ever was of course, but still a grandmother.

Never say never, you just never know where life will take you and how much you will change…

“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.”
― Johnny Depp


Augie likeness


7 thoughts on “neverland

    • I have to admit that I am severely concerned about the distressing turn of my nature. I don’t know if therapy or medication would help, but all this contentment and accidental niceness is really disturbing my equilibrium and long constructed understanding of my identity. What to do?


    • She is lying quietly today and counting down the days that are going too slowly. We are all on tender hooks,jumping every time the phone ring ! We will all breathe a sigh of relief when they are both safe and well,


  1. Good luck to your daughter – the final week is the most trying – you just can’t wait to see the baby out.
    As for “Nothing like a baby to bond neighbours!” – Amen. We usually get newly-weds for neighbours every now and then, who never interact beyond the half-hearted smile, but once the baby arrives, they are all out talking to every T, D or H that may pass the neighbourhood, mostly about their baby. It is almost a game to me to observe the social transition of couples. (I, like you, am too much of the local goddess to have been that way).


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