It’s been deflating

ball blue
It started as a blue spiky child’s ball. It came home in the weekly shopping. On Saturday morning the Goddess known as Flamingo Dancer raised herself from the couch and also rose above her concept of exercise as being the movement from one end of the couch to the other, took the blue ball out to Augie Dog’s yard.

Using foot work that David Beckham would envy the Flamingo Dancer introduced the ball to Augie Dog who promptly took fright and raced through the open door back into the house to quiver beside Mr FD’s chair.

ball with woman

The quest to make a man out of a puppy accepted Flamingo Dancer kicked the ball about the yard, bounced it off the side of the house and gradually enticed Augie Dog to return to the great outdoors. Augie Dog accepted the ball to the point that he would chase after it, but refrained from physical contact. He often retreated back to the safety of Mr FD’s chairside.

The Flamingo Dancer continued to the point of dewy forehead and racing heart; longer than three minutes, before leaving the ball on the patio and reclaiming her couch position.

The ball sat unloved for the rest of the day.

In the dark of night, Augie triumphantly trotted into our bedroom carrying a deflated blue spiky ball. He had fought the enemy and won.

Now he plays non stop with his blue spiky ball. Flamingo Dancer gets to sit on her couch non stop. Win Win situation all around!

Except for the blue spiky ball …
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5 thoughts on “It’s been deflating

  1. Does the spikey blue ball also light up? We have some like that that light up. Over time Augie will learn a soft mouth and actually be able to carry things like balloons in there without busting them up…I also got a little dewy today playing fetch with my sweet golden…he’s older now, but still kind of rambunctious. Now he’s passed on out at my feet, which is priceless!!


    • He has a small orange spiky ball that lights up and loves it, but I think he would swallow it if he wanted! We are finding that we need industrial strength toys for him right now. His favourite is a good stick to chew and luckily we have plenty of those living in the country!


  2. We bought our 50kg monster puppy a squeaky rubber bone toy… chomp and she panicked and ran off to bed with her tail between her legs. Doesn’t want to know about it.
    Sticks. coconuts and big bones from the butchers keep her busy now.


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