that was the week that was

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My first class teaching ICT and Information skills to year 8, a double period lesson, went really well.

I did my slideshow telling them about myself – what I did on my holidays, what I am reading, what I am listening to (played them Lumineers and Mumford and Sons songs that I am playing in my car on the drive to work; music as long as it is current always goes down well in bonding with students) and explained my expectations (number one rule is to treat others as we would like to be treated) as well as made my promise to them to work hard for them and to care about their studies. I also made sure that they wrote down my email address and told them to show it to their parents. Hopefully, I won’t regret that!

Then we got down to work, learning how to log onto the school system and set up passwords. I have one aspergers’ student and he called me over to tell me that he had encrypted his password into a number code so that even though he wrote it in his diary, he would be able to remember it. Minutes later he called me back over – his password wouldn’t work! We will continue next lesson…

I also have a home class, and the mother of a year twelve student (a senior) rang the school to say that her son did not receive his school diary. I know that when they were handed out we were not short, and so the school secretary telephoned the mother back with that message. Not yet sure of names and faces of students yet, I went online and checked the ID photo of the student – he was the student who volunteered to hand out the diaries! He has either lost it already, or his helicopter mother pisses him off and he told her he didn’t have one, just so she didn’t go through his school diary. By year twelve I think parents need not to hover quite so much.


So, it’s been quite a good start in many ways. I did have to draw a line in the sand and stand my ground over one or two internal admin issues with colleagues which is never nice, but things do seem to be working out in an acceptable manner. I have found over the years that if one rarely complains about things than when one does, it is usually taken seriously and attended to. Usually. It also helps to suggest a solution along with the complaint, even if it is not the final solution, it shows that you are trying to settle the issue yourself.

I just wonder how long we will have the year 8s bluffed and the hormones click in and they become the ferals we always seem to end up with by the end of the year!

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4 thoughts on “that was the week that was

  1. Had to laugh about the password – being at the TAFE libraries I could see that 90% of the job was either giving students new passwords or showing them how to use the printer.


    • Some students have to get their passwords set just about every lesson, we can excuse the ones who have learning issues, but I think a lot of them are just wasting time. We are about to give strategic teachers admin access to change passwords in the classrooms to stop the rot!


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