It’s a working life for me.

Dior 1

The fun is over, as today the teaching year starts again!

I moped more than a little yesterday. It is not that I don’t like my job, for I do, and it’s not that I dislike my colleagues, for I do like them very much, and even the students are … well, tolerable all things considered! I just don’t like having to go to work. I forgot to marry rich, so more to pity me!

I returned to bed for awhile in the morning, as it is my last chance to have a weekday lie in until the Easter break, but it didn’t last long. Then I walked about the house feeling sorry for myself and asking Augie Dog if he was going to miss me, but he was more interested in his squeaky pig than the self pity of a Flamingo Dancer and ignored me much to my pique.

Sensing a headache coming on, or possibly malaria or Ebola,  I took myself back to bed, but after fifteen minutes I decided that work was inevitable and I shouldn’t waste the entire day,  especially if it was Ebola and it was to be my last earthly day; so I do what I do when I am stressed and decided to bake. First I made a batch of caramel muffins, and then I baked some large savoury muffins for my lunches.

One year I baked oodles of food for my school lunches and froze it. At the end of the year I went back into the freezer and threw most of it out. I learnt not to make large batches of anything, because no matter how delicious something tastes there is a tipping point as to how much I can bare to eat of anything, except chocolate, without boredom and nausea setting in. So I just baked 6 savoury muffins and that will be quite enough of those for awhile!

So four days of professional development, and the Australia Day holiday on Monday, before the first students return next Wednesday. A  little breathing space before the organised chaos goes full speed.

Next holidays I am going to plan something really exciting to do on the last day before going back to work. Maybe a day at a spa, or a massage? A good movie and lunch?  In the meantime, may the force be with me; the stick most certainly will be!


8 thoughts on “It’s a working life for me.

  1. Speaking of work.
    (Dang it, I should watch it with these offensive four-letter words!)
    But speaking of it.
    The Kid is planning to spend next year in Australia.
    Any good hints for job-seeking there for a recent college grad?
    Her current job is processing monographs at the campus library.
    Which pays nearly nothing, but make up for it in book lolz and co-workers.
    She’ll be in Canberra.


    • Bar work or cafe/barista jobs seem to be the main stay for most people on a working holiday. Some who are physically fit go fruit picking but that it very hard work. I doubt if she will get work in a library as that is an area where everyone is shedding jobs, and universities normally hire students as shelvers – but who knows! Canberra is of course the political capital so lots of govt departments so archiving might be an option. I would advise doing a bar course, or a coffee making course as a back up.


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