Flow it, show it, Long as I can grow my hair!

Hair cut 1

I know this will bring the green eyed monster out in many of you, but I am used to stirring that emotion in others, goddess that I am.

I found the hair stylist of my dreams! It is not just students who line up for hair cuts before school starts (next Wednesday for teacher me!)  but teachers as well. Having left my regular stylist far behind in the city and not quite desperate enough to drive well over an hour to continue having her cut my hair, I tried one of the local stylists for my first “country cut”. I was less than impressed.

However, just 10 minutes drive to the shopping centre outside of the Village where I buy most of our groceries, there was another hair option and I struck gold.

It wasn’t long into the cut that the stylist commented “goodness your hair is thick” and I did the old reply “yes, if I could bottle the secret I would make a fortune, ha ha ha.” Disappointment was fleeting though as she continued, “I love thick hair, I love to cut into it and style it. I get such a sense of achievement taming it!” Be still my beating heart.

She excelled far beyond my city stylist! A country gem.

So, I am one more session away from achieving the look above (top layer not quite long enough at the sides yet so six weeks will do the trick), except in grey, because I no longer colour my hair. I look so scintillating. In fact, I am so fantastic that I even make myself jealous!

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