Come on, get with the plan

exhaustedThe temperatures have hovered between 35C and 40C for over the past week, and it has not rained for weeks. The grass is turning to brown and crunches beneath my step on the few occasions I venture out of the air conditioning. It makes me lethargic and depressed. I can understand how the heat can drive people mad.

So goals for today are:

  • Take  my vitamins – Daughter2’s going home gift to me was a bottle of green powder of every herb and vitamin known to man or woman which I am to mix with water and drink. I was warned by text message to make sure the water was cold as “it tastes foul in tap water”.
  • Move from my chair or bed for at least 20 minutes today. This is possibly not going to happen.
  • Eat three nutritious meals today. I am adopting the “if my grandmother wouldn’t recognise it, don’t eat it, minus the sugar” strategy.
  • Declutter or clean house for 20 minutes- I still have clothing in boxes lining the walls of our bedroom. 20 minutes is a long time, but maybe that could double as my 20 minutes of movement, even it it means I just sit on the bed and place clothes on hangers. Could I possibly lie on bed and hang clothes?
  • Write something intelligent today. Obviously this is not it.
  • Floss tonight
  • Don’t hit anyone.

So, what’s on your agenda for this Monday? Pearls or swine?


9 thoughts on “Come on, get with the plan

    • all sorts of hot weather records are being broken. Birdsville in Qld has reached temperatures over 49C and the road surface is melting! Fires all over the country, but our immediate area has been spared so far.


  1. The green powder would put me off, even if it is loaded with vitamins and promises to make me look 20 years younger. I’d rather sprinkle it over ice cream or whip it up in a milk shake than drink it straight up with ice water.

    Extreme heat is enervating: this I’ve learned from California. Better to lie low and stay in air-conditioned comfort than force yourself to exert yourself and give yourself heat stroke. Resist the Puritan urge to be productive and work oneself into an early grave. Why do you suppose the Egyptian queens spent the days lounging while slaves did all the heavy lifting?


  2. Just 24 hours later, I’ve forgotten most about Monday – with the exceptions of my boss being an idiot (as per usual), finding a ton of mistakes a coworker made (and not fixing them), all the compliments at the gym – and stepping up to a 3′ platform (something i could not have done in the past).

    Tonight is shot (learned Chinese is a “trigger food” for me). Wed: Trainer is off so it’s probably work, home, kitties, tv.


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