a celebration of things to come


It is difficult to enjoy a baby shower in 38C, but thanks to the invention of air conditioning we made a fantastic success of it! Today was the baby shower for Daughter1 and it was a splendid occasion, even if I do say so myself, and I obviously have!

I rose early and made a platter of finger tea sandwiches, before driving to the city for the celebration. There were cucumber squares and tomato triangles, different cuts to signify safe for vegetarians, plus chicken, egg and lettuce, as well as asparagus and cream cheese fingers. I also found an old recipe for mock chicken in the Day to Day Cookery book I had in year eight home economics class. All the recipes I found online to link to here have herbs added, but the D2D recipe only uses salt and pepper. I added an extra egg to thicken it a little more for sandwiches rather than to use as a dip. There were only crumbs left at the end of the tea, so I assume the sandwiches were a success! The chicken was not mocked – oh, I am hilarious tonight!

Now that everything old is new again, and “vintage” cooking in the style of Grandmama’s day is fashionable again, my old recipe books are quite handy. I also have a couple old one’s that belonged to my mother, and one from my mother in law. I gave away towers of cookery books when we moved, but the old and true books made the move with us again. Maybe my grand daughter will cook from them one day too!

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13 thoughts on “a celebration of things to come

    • It was, but a little weird to be at my daughter’s baby shower, and wondering where the years have gone, and so excited for the new life coming. In the absence of D2 it was hosted by three of my daughter’s friends from high school, which was so sweet of them.


      • I am at the point where I don’t even feel as if I have children anymore. Well, I guess I don’t. But, they are so happy and busy and independent….I just never hear from them. Ah, well, it was fun while it lasted!


        • They tend to go away, but then they seem to come back as they settle and have babies.
          It is nice to know we raise confident independent children but it is also sad when the family we nurtured grows up and our mothering role changes so drastically. I am lucky that up until now my children have been close, but that too has changed, though to be honest I don’t think I have the energy to mother too intensely these days.


          • I’m smack in the middle of the transition, and it is hard.
            But I should be glad she’s got feet of her own to stand on, right?
            I just with the Beloved lived a little closer than Canberra.


          • Mine have all moved far away, well, at least a day’s drive away: but I have only myself to blame, since I encouraged them to be adventurous. I didn’t want them to become like most people in the Midwest, never venturing out except to take a winter vacation in Florida. But no, you don’t want them to become like my brother, who left the nest only long enough to serve time in the military. He’s alarmingly child-like and I don’t expect him to leave unless he’s forced to.

            Life is about change. I’m expecting there will be more this year, but hopefully they will be good ones.


              • What is the saying – you have to let them go to get them back again?
                I have filled my life with making sure I grow into the kind of “old woman” I want to be. I am also learning to be kind to me, and to find passions that bring me pleasure. Perhaps we should form a “crones” group!


                • A crones group is a fabulous idea! Crones of the World!
                  Lol. I do keep busy with friends and work. I am just finding it odd how difficult this winter has been. But life is like that!


  1. mine are all 13 and under and I can’t imagine a day when they’re not around. It will happen though as they are strong minded gals. One thing I see as a blessing is social networking and the advent of things like Skype where free video calls are so easily available. Hopefully they’ll find time to sit and chat with their “old man” while they’re off running mega-corporations or countries……


    • D2 has been jokingly tell everyone that I haven’t phoned her once since she moved to Perth – that is because we email and text all day! Their childhoods are special and fly by, but there is also something very special when they become adults and can be your friends as well. I hope that we live long enough to see our grand children grow into adults too!


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