it’s a life, and I am living it

motherhood 1949

Drove to the city to spend the day with Daughter1. The Baby Shower is on Saturday, so I was a good mother and did some cleaning for her. Afterwards we cooed over all the baby clothes. Just over five weeks now and I shall be Grandmama FD!

I think Mr Boy, our son in law, is just a wee bit concerned about my influence on Baby Flamingo Dancer. Why I have no idea… I shall be the most spectacular grandma ever. Her other grandmother is very genteel, well travelled and speaks several languages as she is a language teacher, so she will be the cultural influence.

As my goddess gene pool will flow in her veins she will be totally awesome from day one and so in a way my job will be done. I will also be the grandma that allows her to stay up late, eat lollies as a food group or eat dessert first. As well, I will always tell her to follow her passions and to treat others as she would like to be treated. We shall make hats from ice cream containers and wear them shopping should we choose. Possibilities will be endless.

bath charm 1955

To overcome the stress of having to drive in the mad city traffic again, I took a long and deep bath when I arrived home. One of the perks in The Flamingo Nest on the Hill, is a very large spa bath. We have lived here since the end of October and was yet to lather forth, but today I did. A large helping of rose and lavender bath salts and jets away! I was in paradise.

little things


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