The time has come to listen to many things…


One of the interesting parts of travelling solo is the chance to ears drop, Sitting quietly at a table waiting for a meal and with no companion to take me attention I overhear snippets of conversation and my imagination fills in the detail!

There was the young couple sitting down to breakfast where the reed thin twenty something woman calculated the kilojoule content of her entire meal to her male friend, and then started to debate where oxygen and water had kilojoules. I was left with the impression that was not a relationship to last.

The thirty something young mother with babe in arms who also breakfasted with her white linen wearing mother and became quite short when mother dared to ask her how she wanted to order her eggs. The choice was poached, fried or scrambled. Young mum became quite testy that mother wanted her to make the decision for herself and mother dear would not make the decision for her.

Lunch conversation at next table was about mutual friend who was “banging him just for the sperm”. “He wants to marry her, but  she doesn’t want to marry him, so she just bangs him every five weeks or so for the sperm.” “But he wants to marry everyone. He is stalking some woman at the gym too.”  Obviously a shallow genetic pool.



8 thoughts on “The time has come to listen to many things…

  1. I always wonder how these people can carry on those sort of conversations and not be aware that they’re surrounded by strangers (like myself) who have ears. Young women seem to be particularly dense, but I’ve also overheard young men telling the most dreadful details about their sexual lives to their tablemates. It makes me wish I was as deaf as my father.


    • And now the same goes for mobile phone calls. One thing about plane trips is that mobile phones need to be switched off. However, on the flight back I sat across the aisle from a middle aged woman in a very short skirt who drank herself drunk while reading Twilight and then after she sneezed, blew her nose on the sleeve of her hoodie.


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