home again, home again, lickety split


I was fine at leaving Daughter2 in Perth all the long flight home, though I did drown my sorrow with a glass and a half of white wine, but once Mr FD and I were making the drive back to the Flamingo Nest on The Hill, I was overcome with deep sadness that she was now so far away again. Silly mother.

Augie was excited when I walked through the door and leaped all over me. He went to the vet while I was away as he had a lump on his ear which turned out to be an infected insect bite. He has ointment for his ear now and has grown, now weighing 23 kilos, and has learned to put his paw up when asked and also to put his nose to your finger when asked.

I was also amazed at how well my two men maintained the home front while I was away. Mr FD even did laundry this morning! Perhaps I should go away more often!

More tomorrow, but rest assured, Flamingo Dancer is back in town!


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