well if this is the end…

Christmas shopping

If December 21 is the end of the world, I have a hell of a lot of food that is going to spoil.

I pushed a heavily laden shopping trolley from the supermarket, in the hope of not having to go back to the supermarket for some days to come.I joked with the checkout assistant that I was sure to remember something when I got home smug that I had secured everything for man and dog, so naturally, when I arrived home, and despite a shopping list, I realised that I had forgotten one major ingredient and will have to go back. Be careful what you joke about! And check your list twice (someone had to say it)!

I even managed to buy a couple baby items for our expected grandchild. The baby shower for Daughter1 is just days after I return from Perth and spending time with Daughter2 so I have been organising my gift early. Okay, it is an excuse to buy baby things. I love buying baby things. Babies are my favourite people, they are such an easy audience to work, and they adore me. They know quality.

Living in a rural area as we do now, I can’t help but feel the sense of community that permeates small towns. In the car park of the supermarket people were taking time to stop and talk with each other, rather than just rush from car to store. It is the type of area where the old men gossip outside while their wives do their shopping.

It brought back memories of my Dad who would happily sit in the car, reading the paper, while Mum did her shopping. He would avoid walking into a store at all costs, but was always happy to take Mum where she wanted (she of the era who did not learn to drive when there was only one family car).

I always miss my Dad at Christmas. He loved family so. I know his spirit will be with us, as it always will be. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about, family past and present, absent and near? Whatever form your family takes, be it relatives or friends, I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas.

It’s not too late either…christmas santa


8 thoughts on “well if this is the end…

  1. “old men gossip ” WHAAT!!!!! Old men philosophically solve all the world’s problems.

    I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas FD and thank you for all your blogly entertainment throughout the year.


  2. I just put clean sheets and blankets on the guest beds, so if the world ends tomorrow I am going out with beautifully made beds. (I think it is “tomorrow” in your area right now—so does that mean you no longer are here?)

    Have a Merry Christmas. Yes, it is about family past and present. I rather wish that parts of the present family weren’t present for our Christmas, but I have contingency plans in case things go bad: Jewish friends, a movie, and Chinese food for dinner.


    • We made it through. Prince Charles sent any early twitter message : Australia are you still there? Nice to know our future king still thinks of us in the colonies!

      Yes, I have made up Daughter2’s bed too. It is funny, but we call the “spare room” her room even though she will only possibly sleep there briefly once or twice a year now! It has her bed in there though, and always will.


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