loafing along familiar streets

Visited my Mum in her new abode. She was playing hoy (card game) when we arrived, but she was more than happy to escape back to her room with us. Very social place though – this is their activity schedule for the month of May:

Mother Flamingo Dancer has a really lovely room, with a large sliding door opening onto a private patio. We plan to get her a comfy chair so that she can sit and look over the garden and wave at all the old men going for their walks!

This is the view from her room. The turret is not the Flamingo Dancer ancestral home, as one would expect, but a church. Why it is a turret, only heaven knows. They did add a cross and not a flag pole just so that worshippers know they are in the right place!

Afterwards, we went to a local cafe for lunch, where we were given the largest servings I have ever received in any restaurant. Each plate was enough to feed three people. We felt guilty that we couldn’t eat all the food, as it seemed such a waste.

Those gigantic things on top are mushrooms (they look like small kidneys, I know) !

In the January 2011 floods, the waters went through the cafe, and it actually was measured at the level of the crimson chair rail.

The building was a bakery for many, many years. My mother visited it in her childhood, and I can remember it from my own early childhood, when I would visit my grandmother who lived further down the same street. It is lovely to see it being used again, after a number of years of being neglected. It has some lovely features.

And they have filled the display windows with an assortment of vintage and antique memorabilia.

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the mailbox next door. Form and function over beauty, for sure!

We stopped for a coffee on the way home. There is an emu farm not far from the coffee shop and it seems some of the locals have made it onto the menu!

An no, I do not eat emu! With a face like this, could you?

6 thoughts on “loafing along familiar streets

  1. I’ve been on the road for two weeks, but following your mum’s saga. So glad she is in a safe and comfortable place with a patio, no less. I hope she is content there. I’m sure it’s a huge relief for you as well.


  2. I was told ostrich and emu taste like the dark meat on turkey, but since I’m vegetarian, I don’t think I’ll ever try it. The turreted tower on the church looks like it lost its steeple at one point, and the church couldn’t afford to replace it, so they trimmed the top with turrets. Just in case they need to barricade the parishioners in during a barbarian invasion, or something like that.

    It sounds like your mother is in a nice place. She might not enjoy the socializing, but at least she’s cared for.


    • Mum has always been a very social person, but as she has become more confused and has less restraint on her her inside words becoming outside words, she has retreated more. After living through this with Dad, we are all too aware that there is a long goodbye ahead.


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