all at sea

Mr FD works from home and so he has lots of opportunity to go through the TV scheduling and to record programs. He sent me a text message telling me that he had taped “The Mystery of the Titanic Solved”.  Other people might think this a considerate action by a husband, but I know that Mr FD is evil and always plotting a revolution.

For the past two weeks I have been very verbal with my opinions on the subject of the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and more precisely, the hordes of Titanic tragics in period costumes going on very expensive memorial cruises. I may have even heard someone wishing that their bloody boat would sink just so they could have the full experience.

I have to also admit that I have never watched Leo and Kate sailing into the sunset on the Titanic. I hate sad movies and I already know the ending so why bother?

So, Mr FD had a nefarious plot afoot and was asking me to lie in front of the speeding chainsaw while he exited stage left to take over the kingdom. I was not going to break into expletives, for I am a goddess after all (though I might smite him with my stick). His message was simple.

“I have taped the Mystery of the Titanic Solved for you.”

FD: “It sank?”

Mr FD : “Some kid on board found a big plug and pulled it out.”

FD:  “So curiosity sank the boat?”

One can only assume that the cat was up on deck drinking martinis with a French poodle.

9 thoughts on “all at sea

  1. Some of the sinkings of German ships carrying refugees from the Baltic states in 1945 leave the Titanic casualty rate in the shade. One is a romantic historical episode, the other lost in the enormity of the end of WW2 (occurring as these incidents did, at the time the concentration camps had been liberated). Still, the Titanic made several movies (and countless books) and if you haven’t seen the scene with the window fogging up, you’ve missed something. Ratty


  2. I got told off by the man behind me when I went to see Titanic at the pictures back when it was released, for commenting loudly at the end, during the bit where half the audience was in tears, that I didn’t know what the selfish cow was making such a fuss about, there was loads of room on that wardrobe door, if she’d just moved her fat ass up a bit Leo would have fitted on no problem and he wouldn’t have frozen to death. Apparently this observation made me ‘insensitive’. Whatever. I’m very dubious of people in costume going on these memorial cruises to the site of the sinking, I think it’s morbid and creepy. And for the full experience they have to spend half an hour scared shitless and trying to get into a lifeboat before spending 15 minutes immersed in freezing water and then expiring from hypothermia. Why anyone would want to engage in that kind of thing is utterly beyond me.


    • I am with you all the way. Same for people who dress in costume uniforms and re-enact battles. Whole different experience for those who knew they would actually die! Why not spend that time and money on making this world a better place.


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